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14 July

System update #1

In Q3 of 2016, we carried out an operating system update on Linux-based shared hosting and managed servers. This udpate allows you to benefit from a better use of resources, higher system security, and the use of current security protocols such as TLS 1.2. With this update, new scripting language versions as well as new database libraries will be used. If you use one of the following scripting languages or libraries for your website, please ensure that your scripts are compatible with the following versions that have been installed:

05 October

New Customer Management

We integrated a new customer management system. Some features of new system - Automatically creating hosting accounts after the payment. The ability to change the tariff plan. The ability to register domains. Support for multiple currencies. Customizable affiliate program for customers. Organization of high-quality technical support. Easy and intuitive interface. Instant Technical Support. Ticketing system creates a comfortable customer service. User-friendly interface attracts customers, and convenient resort service to support make you love your company forever. Ticketing system allows you to create a message in support with the ability to specify a priority, and attach files to your message.

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We know that it's hard to find a good free hosting provider. Here are some things you must know before making your decision! We use a powerful cluster of web servers that are all interconnected to act as one giant super computer. This technology is years ahead of most other hosting companies. Combining the power of many servers creates lightning fast website speed. Not only is the service extremely fast, it is resistant to failures that effect 'single server' hosting, used by most other free and paid hosting providers. If one of our clustered servers were to fail or have a problem, your website will continue to run normally using the working servers!

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